Editor in Chief: Dr. N. Rakesh, Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, FDS

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Vol 17, Issue 1, Jan 2021

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1 COVID-19 Vaccination – Evolution to Future Implications
N. Rakesh
2 Longitudinal Analysis of Artificial Intelligence Awareness amongst Dentists in India: A Cross-Sectional Study
Jaya Singh, Shruti Singh, Shaleen Chandra, Diksha Singh, Shadab Mohammad, Jinkimoni Singha, Pritha Chowdhury and Neelam Lodhi
3 Estimation of Serum C Reactive Protein in Oral Sub mucous Fibrosis
Sahil Kohli, Harshkant Gharote and Christopher Vinay Shinde
4 To Assess the Knowledge and Create Awareness Regarding the Management Of Avulsed Teeth In School Teachers
Vandana Kokane, Pratik Burad, Varsha Uttarwar, Apoorva Salve, Amisha Saoji and Sana Khwaja
5 Vitamins and Minerals in the fight against COVID-19 a Brief Review
Yogita Bhatt and Soumya Gupta
6 The Role of Teachers in Identifying and Reporting Child Maltreatment and Abuse in the Virtual Classroom Setup
Punitha S. Kamath
7 Cost-effective Methods of Approaching a Dental Unit for Covid-19 Pandemic
Sivaranjani Gali
8 Direct Anatomic Post for Rehabilitation of an Endodontically Treated Tooth-A Case Report
Kavimalar R. and Nithin Shetty
9 Endodontic Management of Radiculous Premolar: Perplexing the Unseen with the Eyes Of 37-40 CBCT- A Case Report
Amit Tripathi, Abhilasha Manker and Yashoti Agnihotri
10 Use of Dalabona Attachment to Enhance Retention, Stability and Aesthetic of a Maxillary Obturator a Case Report
Anoop sharma, Sweekriti Mishra and Babashankar Alva

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