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Vol 14, Issue 1, Jan 2018

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1 Nanodentistry: The Story So Far
Rakesh N.
2 Reliability of Ameloglyphics for Person Identification Following Adverse Conditions
Rakesh N., Sujatha S., Pavan Kumar T., Yashoda Devi B.K., Divya Gupta and Harish B.N.
3 Absorbable Gelatin Sponge versus Alloplastic Graft Material as Adjuvants in Direct Sinus Lift Procedures - A Comparative Study
Sushma Sonale M. N., Ranganath Krishnappa, Vibha Shetty, Kavitha Prasad and Lalitha R. M.
4 Design of Lab Model Mechanical Strength Test Instrument for Tensile Strength Determination of Film Formulations
Mukherjee D. and Bharath S.
5 Spectrophotometric Method Development and Validation of Azithromycin in Tablet Formulation
Suma B.V., Joel Monichen Thachemperil and Venkataramana C.H.S.
6 Evaluation of Anti-Hypertensive Activity of Mitragyna Parvifolia (Roxb.) Korth. Root Extract and its Vasorelaxation Potential on Calcium Chloride Induced Contractions in Isolated Rat Aorta
Rimi Ghosh, Anita Murali and Gowri R.
7 Evaluation of In-vivo Antioxidant Potential of Ecbolium Viride (Forssk.) Alston Roots on Carbon Tetra Chloride Induced Oxidative Stress in Wister Rats
Ashoka Babu V.L., Arunachalam G. and Madhavan V.
8 Extraction vs Non Extraction Controversy - A Review
Adeeba Khanum, Prashantha G.S., Silju Mathew, Madhavi Naidu and Amit Kumar
9 Vaccine for Dental Caries- An Imminent Target
Abraham M., Shwetha K. N., Vanishri H. C., Roopa R. S., Dominic A. and Sowmya S. V.
10 Prevention of Oral Cancer and Its Risk Factors by Health Workers through Health Education- A Review
Shwetha K.M. and Ranganath K.
11 Application of LASER in Periodontology- A Case Series
Bhavya B., Ashwini S. and Shruthi K.R.
12 Congenital Insensitivity to Pain – Boon or Bane??? A Case Report with Dental Implications
Vidya K., Latha Anandakrishna and Prakash Chandra Shetty
13 Role of Maxillo-Facial Prosthodontist to Aid in Brachytherapy for Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Palate with Ancillary Prosthesis: A Case Report
Suma, Sneha Poojary and Shrestha Singhania
14 Management of Non-Vital Teeth with Open Apices using MTA: Two Case Reports
Karan Narang, Mohini Nayak, Abdul Wahed, John V. George and Sylvia Mathew
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Vol 14, Issue 2, August 2018

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1 The Neoteric Trends of Oral Cancer
Rakesh N.
2 Comparison of Trans Conjunctiva Approach Versus Infraorbital Approach for Infraorbital Rim and Orbital Floor Fractures - A Prospective Clinical Study
Abhishek Singh, Kavitha Prasad, Malavika Krishnaswamy, Divya D. Sundaresh, Ranganath K., Lalitha R.M., and Rajanikanth B.R.
3 Oral Health Related Quality of Life of Controlled and Uncontrolled Type II Diabetes Mellitus Patients-A Questionnaire Based Comparative Study
Swatantra Shrivastava, Giridhar S. Naidu, Ramanpal Singh Makkad, Ravleen Nagi and Supreet Jain
4 Evaluation of Repeatability and Reproducibility of Manual and Computerized Methods for Cephalometric Analysis
Shenvi Akshata Ajay, Dhananjaya G. and Latha Anandakrishna
5 Contaminated Toothbrush Potential Threat to Oral and General Health
Mahantesha S., Ashwini S., Rima Jaiswal, Yashi Priya and Manjusha M.V.
6 Acute and Sub-Acute Toxicity Studies of Pavala
Mohammad Azamthulla, Anbu J. and Anita Murali
7 Phytochemical and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Polygonum Barbatum
Gowri R., Gnanasekar and Madhavan V.
8 Prescribing Trends of Drugs and Assessment of Adverse Drug Reactions in Patients with Diabetes
Mamatha K., Ramya Ravi, Nazish Fathima, Navaneeth V.M. and Suryanarayana V.S.M
9 Taste Masked Oro Dispersible Compacts of an Antiemetic Drug
Arijit Kumar Ghosh, Sharon. C. Furtado, Sindhu Abraham and Bharath S.
10 Dry Mouth An Emerging Epidemic
Sujatha S., Priyadharshini R., Yashodadevi B. K., Shwetha V., and Pavan Kumar T.
11 The Technology of Haptics in Dental Education
Sivaranjani Gali and Archana Patil
12 Origin of Cancer Stem Cells –A Short Review
Lavanya A., Shwetha K. N., Vanishri H. C., Roopa S. Rao., Dominic A., and Sowmya S. V.
13 Acceleratory Orthodontics - The Race against Time
Safir N.K., Sameera Athar and Prashantha G.S.
14 Motion Kinematics and Cyclic Fatigue resistance of Nickel –Titanium Rotary Instruments - A Systematic Review
Mohini Nayak, Dinesh K., Swaroop Hegde, *Mohini Kumari and Karan Narang
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