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Vol 13, Issue 1, Jan 2017, Supplementary 01

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3 Early Childhood Caries
Dr Virinder Goyal
4 Blank Page Review Articles

5 Early Childhood Caries - A Review
Dr Punitha S Kamath, Dr Shwetha G
6 Resin Infiltration in Proximal Lesions of Primary Teeth: Do We Have Enough Evidence For Its Recommendation?
Dr Neeraj Gugnani
7 Saliva: The Unsung Hero in Early Childhood Caries
Prof (Dr) Amitha M Hegde1, Dr Devika Jayakrishnan Nair
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Vol 13, Issue 1, January 2017

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1 Editorial Board, Journal Committee, General Information
2 Editorial
3 Efficacy of Inward Fragmentation Technique (IFT) Versus Conventional Technique in the Surgical Removal of Impacted Mandibular Third Molar- A Randomized Control Study
Chandrashekar Raju, Ranganath K., Kavitha Prasad, Vineeth K., Lalitha R. M.
4 Knowledge and Management of Attitude Regarding Dentin Hypersensitivity Among Dentists in City of Bangalore
Timsi Gupta, Shruthi Nagaraja, Sylvia Mathew, Shivani Mangal
5 Food Sweetening as a Risk Factor For Early Childhood Caries
Latha Anandakrishna, Amitha M. Hegde
6 Effectiveness of Health Education Models and Approaches in Creating Awareness on Oral Diseases Among Adolescents- a Systematic Review
Tejaswini B. D., Shwetha K. M., Pushpanjali K.
7 Recording Condylar Guidance: Are We Getting It?
Poulomi M, Sivaranjani Gali, Aparajita, Apurva, Sneha, Marilyn
8 Challenges and Areas for Future Research in Oral Medicine and Radiology
Revan Kumar Joshi, Nagesh K. S.
9 Basics of CBCT Imaging
Pavan Kumar T., Sujatha S., Yashodha Devi B. K., Nagaraju Rakesh, Shwetha V.
10 Localized Ridge Augmentation Using Demineralized Freeze‑Dried Bone Allograft and Platelet Rich Fibrin - A Case Report
Mahantesha S., Ashwini S., Sheetal Jadhav
11 Orthodontic Tooth Movement in Space
Komal Nagendra Prasad, Prashantha G. Shivamurthy, Naveen Kumar
12 Instructions for Authors

13 JDOR Cover Page

Vol 13, Issue 2, August 2017

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i Instructions for Authors

1 Nanodentistry: The Story So Far
Rakesh N.
2 Comparative Evaluation of the Effect of Toothbrushing on Surface Gloss and Roughness of Three Different Resin Composites: An In-Vitro Study
Swetha Balamukundan, Sreenivasa Murthy, Sylvia Mathew, Poornima Ramesh, Indiresha Narayana and Shruthi Nagaraja
3 Oral Health Related Knowledge, Attitude and Practices among High School Students in Bangalore – A Cross Sectional Study
Apurva Tadimari P., Ranadheer Ramachandra and Krishnappa Pushpanjali
4 Analysis of Lip Prints in Patients with Nonsyndromic Cleft Lip with or without Cleft Palate and their Parents
Indu M., Roopa S. Rao, Lavanya A., Sowmya S. V. and Shankar Gouda Patil
5 Comparative Evaluation of Single Point Fixation at Zygomatic Buttress and Fronto Zygomatic Rim in Zygomatic Complex Fractures- A Prospective Study
Prathibha Sridhar, Shubha Sandeep, Kavitha Prasad, Lalitha R.M., Ranganath K. and Sejal K. Munoyath
6 Mini Implants - A Mega Solution to the Atrophied Edentulous Ridges
Ravishankar Krishna, Rashmi B.M., Anjum Afshan and Shobhit Agarwal
7 CBCT - The Newfangled in Forensic Radiology
Sujatha S., Rizwana Azmi S., Yashodha Devi B. K.,Shwetha V. and Pavan Kumar T.
8 Comparative Biomechanics of Labial Versus Lingual Fixed Appliances - A Review
Sunil Kumar M., Sonal S., Adeeba Khanum, Samsun Nehar Rahman and Nouf Bano
9 Modified Palatal Crib Appliance for Habit Correction: A Case Report
Shwetha G., Ashmitha K. Shetty, Usha R. and Pushpalatha C.
10 Excision of Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma using Diode Laser: A Case Report
Kranti K., Ashwini S.,Pramod N. and Pragya
11 Central Giant Cell Granuloma Involving Mandible - A Report with CT Findings
Esha Garg, Arpit Sikri, Salil Pawah and Chetan Pathak

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