Editor in Chief: Dr. N. Rakesh, Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, FDS

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Vol 11, Issue 1, Jan-June 2015

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1 Assessment of Oral Health Status among Visually Impaired Children
Pallavi Priyadarshini, Dr. Pushpanjali K, Dr. Anitha Sagarkar, Dr Bhoomika, Dr Sneha Shenoy
2 Knowledge, Practice and Attitude of Medical Doctors on the Association between Medical Health and Periodontal Health
Dr. Bhavya. B, Dr. Vineeta Shaji, Dr. Ashwini. S, Dr.Lavanya
3 Three Dimensional Assessment of the Palate and Palatal Contoural changes in Orthodontically treated cases using Reverse Engineering 3-D LASER scanner
Dr. Madhavi Naidu, Dr. Raghunath N
4 Matrix metalloproteinase-9-induced Inflammatory Response to Some Root End Filling and Sealant Materials in HeLa Epithelial Cell Line Culture
Mohamed Elshinawy, Hossam A Eid ,Ashraf A Khalil,Abdelnasser M Soliman,Hesham El-Refaey
5 Prevalence and Pattern of Transmigration of Impacted Canines: A Retrospective Study
Suraj Agarwal, Achint Garg, Shweta Saini Agarwal
6 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Ultrasound in Dentistry
Dr. Reddy Lavanya, Dr. Nallan CSK Chaitanya, Dr. Shefali Waghray, Dr.D.B.Gandhi babu, Dr.Raj Kumar Badam, Dr.Mamatha
7 3D Printing: The Future Technology in Prosthodontics
Dr.Sivaranjani Gali, Sharad Sirsi
8 Is revascularization panacea for immature necrotic teeth??
Nagaraja Shruthi, Mathew Sylvia, KS Madhu
9 Teledentistry: A Review on its Present Status and Future Perspectives
Syed Sarosh Mahdi, Manuele Mancini2, Rizwan Nadim, Francesco Amenta
10 Periodontal Medicine: Past & Present
Dr. Shankargouda Patil , Dr. Roopa S Rao , Dr. A. Thirumal Raj
11 Evaluation of Chair Side Dental Care Provided To Children with Special Health Care Needs
Dr. Ashmitha K Shetty, Dr.Prakashchandra, Dr.LathaAnandakrishna, Dr. Girish M S, Dr.Punitha S Kamath, Dr.Usha R
12 Herpes Zoster: A Case Report
Dr.Prachi Chhimwal, Dr.Himanshu Shrivastava, Dr.Rashmi Bhavasar
13 Juvenile Psammomatoid Cemento-Ossifying Fibroma: A Case Report and Review Of Literature
Dr. Pavan kumar T
14 Masquerading swelling of the Maxilla: A case report with review of literature
Dr Parimala Sagar, Dr Sejal KM, Dr Kavitha Prasad, Dr Abhishek Chauhan
15 Attachment Retained Overdenture: A Case Report
Bishnupati Singh, Amit Tamrakar, M D Chethan, Brajbhushan Mall, Umesh Kumar, Namrata Sinha

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