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Vol 09, Issue 1, Jan-July 2013

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1 Surface microhardness of bovine enamel after in-office bleaching with 35% hydrogen peroxide and remineralization procedures >
Emanuel Mota Pires, Rafaela Andrade de Vasconcelos, Ana Claudia Carvalho Xavier, Carlos Rocha Gomes Torres, Maria Filomena Rocha Lima Huhtala, Eduardo Galera da Silva, Ana Paula Martins Gomes
2 Retrospective radiographic evaluation of intracanal posts
Rodrigo Asfury Rodrigues, Lais Bitecourt Pires, Sebastiao luiz Pires Vargas, Simone M. Dutra Laurindo. Emanuelle Gomes Ferreira, Bruna Morais de Souza, Mateus Rodrigues tonetto, Fernanda Ferreira Jasse; Matheus Coelho bandeca, Alvaro Henrique Borges
3 A Confocal Laser Microscopy Observation of Tetracycline Affected Human Dentin
So Ran Kwon, Philip W Wertz
4 Cancer Stem Cells : A Revolution in Cancer Research
Shankargouda Patil, Roopa S Rao, Amrutha N, Anveeta Agarwal, Sanketh D S
5 Palatal Rugae and their Significance in Oral and Forensic Sciences : A Review of Literature
Syed Sadatullah
6 Ozone Therapy in Oral Healthcare : A Review of Possibilities
Sawasaz Ali Azhar
7 Dental Treatment in-patient on corticosteroid therapy: A Review and report on current guidelines
Prathibha Gopalaraju, Kavitha Prasad
8 Confusion in Periodontitis Diagnostic Criteria
Solomon Olusegun Nwhator, Modupe Olufunmilayo Ashiwaju
9 Minimal Invasive Dentistry : A Review
Nidhi Mehta, Sylvia Mathew
10 Peripheral Giant Cell Granuloma related to a Dental Implant: A Clinical Report
Bozkaya S, Asar NV, Baris E, Tozum TF

Vol 09, Issue 2, July-Dec 2013

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1 Cumulative failure patterns of amalgam restorations in different operators
Ajinde Oluwasola Olaleye
2 Tongue and Hyoid bone posture and position influencing various malocclusions – A Cephalometric Study
Shilpi Choudhary, G.S Patil, H Pruthivi Raj, Karthik J Kabbur, Baswaraj, M hemanth
3 Anaysis of palatal rugae patterns in different age groups in an institutional set up
Shankargouda Patil, Roopa S Rao, Barnali Majumdar
4 Mariginal Bone Loss Around Single Implants Immediately Restored in the Maxillary Aesthetic Zone: A- 3 years Follow up
Antoine Berberi, Alexander Khariralah, Ziad Noujeim, Rita BousAssaf, Wasfi Kanj, Ziah Salameh
5 A systematic guide to the contemporary multidisciplinary treatment of complex full mouth oral rehabilitation for the extremely worn dentition
Matilda Dhima
6 Simulataneous Mandibular Unicystic Ameloblastoma and Sublinual Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma
Marcia Maria de Gouveia, Ophir Ribeiro Junior, Carlos Augusto Ferreira Alves, Alexander Meireles Borba, Alessandra Nogueira Porto, Evanice Menezes Marcal Vieira, Paulo Sergio Martins de Alcantara, Maria da Graca naclerio – Homem
7 Template for Acid Etching
M Sunil Kumar, AE Vishwanth, Mahantesh Chinagundi, HM Umesh
8 OMICS Biology in Oral Biofilm Research : Current standing and Future prospects
Chaminda Jayampath Seneviratne, Truong Nhar Quynh Thuyen, Thanuja Darshni Kumari Herath
9 Maxillary Rhinosinusitis – A Critical Review
Sudhanshu S Joshi, R S Dolas, SN Santhosh Kumar, Ruchi Khindria, Vivek Pawar,, manju Singh
10 Sodium Hypochlorite – A Review
Ananth Kamath, Mohammed Nadeem Ahmed Bijle, Hrishikesh Walimbe, Vishwas Patil

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